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Kid Proof Lip Color for Performances!! We've got you covered!!

Vegan. Lead Free. Wax Free. Cruelty Free! Made in the USA!!

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Want a lip color that's kiss proof, smudge proof, and waterproof?  LipSense® is all of that, PLUS it's Vegan, gluten-ree, and proudly made in the USA

*LipSense®will never test on animals*

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SeneGence® takes unique products formulations to a new level with their revolutionary lines of skin care and cosmetics, based on the SenePlex® anti-aging complex of ingredients and the latest in technologies.

SeneGence® Product Formulations:

  • No Animal Testing (We test on us!)
  • No animal by-products (We use alternative sources)
  • Use of naturally reoccurring natural ingredients
  • All products formulated with FDA approved ingredients
  • Made in ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ rated manufacturing facility
  • Made in the United States for stringent quality control
  • Gluten and GMO free (most products)
  • LipSense® contains NO WAX & NO LEAD

Products that help rather than harm your skin. Products that are tested for results.
100% satisfaction guarantee!

Meet The Founder

As a newly single mother, Joni Rogers-Kante began in 1995 with a business plan and set out to make her dream a reality. She founded SeneGence® in 1999 and the company has since become a recognized, international leader in the cosmetics industry. To Joni, just as important as a flourishing business, is the commitment to high quality products that not only truly work but give value to our consumers and the communities in which our Distributors live while not depleting the earth of natural resources or creating unnecessary waste.Joni traveled to the other side of the world with a team of scientists and botanists to find different ingredients than those available in the U.S. for the unique formulas in SeneGence products.  After she learned that cosmetic companies continuously use the same ingredients in one product to the next – just in varying amounts, she knew SeneGence had to be different.Today, these unique ingredients are used to help produce amazing results in SeneDerm® anti-aging SkinCare and long-lasting SenseCosmetics™ products. The SeneGence line stays on the cutting edge of technology with original, patented and proprietary formulations of cosmetics that stay on until you take them off blended with the same anti- aging properties of the skin care that make skin more beautiful. It's about healthy and natural products that combine beauty and technology and cosmetics that are actually good for your skin!

Make Sense Foundation


The Make Sense Foundation® is a 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization that assists women and children in crisis. This organization was created to enable the Independent Distributors of SeneGence International® to share their success with others who are less fortunate.


Based on the fundamental mission of helping women and children in crisis, the Make Sense Foundation thrives on directly donating to deserving organizations that support those in need across the country. To date, the MSF has donated to dozens of non-profit organizations from coast to coast and will continue to support women and children in crisis for years to come.The Make Sense Foundation was created by Joni Rogers-Kante, Founder and CEO of SeneGence International as part of the overall plan to make a meaningful contribution.As a non-profit organization, the Make Sense Foundation is separate from SeneGence International but works closely with its Independent Distributors, raising funds for those in need. The idea is to give back to the communities which helped so many women in their own careers – sharing collective success through community involvement.

The Senegence® Story

SeneGence® was founded on the idea to offer superior products and an opportunity for women to be independent and successful in business, regardless of age, background or education. Joni Rogers-Kante, CEO and founder, had a vision of a company with products that really work and a career that really works. One she discovered a long-lasting lip color, LipSense®, unlike anything she had ever seen before, she knew she needed to share it with the world. Experience the SeneGence® story to learn more!

How To Apply LipSense®

LipSense® is the premier product of SeneGence® and is unlike any conventional lipstick, stain, or color. As the original long-lasting lip color, it is waterpoof, does not kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off. You can also layer different shades to create your own custom color! In this video, learn how to properly apply LipSense®  for best long-lasting and beautiful results.

2018 SeneStar- Orlando

SeneStar 2018 will take place in Orlando, Florida! SeneGence® International Independent Distributors who qualify will be treated to deluxe accommodations, gourmet meals, and incredible adventures at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios!

Yes, it's Vegan!

LipSense is Vegan, Gluten-free, Cruelty- Free, Non-GMO, and PROUDLY made in the USA!

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